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Even though I completed the 23rd grade, I have never had any business education. In just a few sessions, Candice has steered me in the right direction. She gave me a few key phrases to use, simple, yet so effective. I have used these not only in my professional life but also my personal. Each session a plethora of information. She gave me book suggestions which we later discussed. I am extremely busy and didn't think I could fit one more event in my week. Candice worked around my schedule and was available when it was convenient for my schedule. My employees are much more receptive to how I present my ideas and overall, work less stressful which leads to a more harmonious personal life. I would highly recommend Candice!

Susan, Physician, Denver

Candice did a fantastic job in accelerating my career focus from Director to Vice President. She was integral in helping me achieve my goal by asking targeted questions and providing recommendations when needed. It was a work in progress but I am happy to report that I got my V.P. offer letter last month and accepted! Thank you Candice for all your support!
Sabina, Regional V.P., Austin

I began to work with Candice when both my personal and professional lives seemed to be directionless.  As a single mother by choice with a toddler and an infant, I needed clarity as to whether staying with a public accounting firm where I had seniority and knew the partners' expectations as well as my clients' needs was worth the stress and workload of busy season.  Or did I want to transition to a job in industry which would provide less of a rollercoaster in terms of my schedule but would have a steep learning curve?  Candice provided aptitude testing to help me learn what job would provide fulfillment while talking about whether relocating to be closer to family would alleviate some of my concerns about starting at a new job.  She gave me feedback on how to approach the partners when I turned in my resignation, how to search for contract work after I relocated, edited my resume, helped me prepare for interviews, and provided follow-up questions for me to ask a prospective employer when I received my first job offer in over 14 years.  Nearly 4 years after beginning to work with Candice, I am still thankful daily for the guidance she provided.
Christine, CPA, Dallas

Candice is the best!

I've been working with Candice as a career coach for about 2 months. I am trying to transition to a career that is more in line with my college major. She has been great all along the way. Very motivating and positive, while also providing good clear feedback and direction. When I started my search I was pretty lost, and she has helped me narrow down my options and decide what direction will to work best for me. She is also very knowledgeable about how the job market works and has given me excellent guidance on resumes, cover letters, communicating with potential employers, linkedin, etc. She has my highest recommendation.

Joel, Ohio

I was struggling with where I wanted to take my next step in my career and 3 Cs Coaching, Consulting and Career Planning helped me make the decision that suited both my career goals and personal wants/goals! They really helped me determine what I wanted to do versus what the people around me wanted me to do. They also provided me with great advice for topics like time management, problem solving, employee relations, and other important skills needed to project me into a successful career. I recommend them for anyone struggling to figure out that next step!

Devon, Atlanta Georgia

Thank you for taking the time to conduct coaching sessions with me.  Although I did not complete a full program, those few sessions really did make a difference, and certainly gave me a strong push in the right direction.  

Lauren, New York

We, at GradLifeChoice, just heard from Christina. She said in her evaluation that she loved working with her coach, got a job that she loves, and is recommending the program enthusiastically to friends. Great work!

Christina, San Francisco

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